User-friendly software and expert outsourced procurement professionals bringing you a winning combination of procurement digitalisation, reporting, and excellent manpower support to smooth your procurement cycle and reduce costs.


MarineProcure is a unique procurement platform and outsourcing service for shipping companies.

MarineProcure provide tailored procurement management solutions for the maritime industry. We work with owners, managers, and operators to improve their procurement workflow, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiencies through well designed, flexible procurement software and expert outsourcing services.

It is designed to meet the current and future demands of our clients’ procurement processes in order to optimise daily performance and vessel management.


Innovative Procurement Solutions for the Maritime Industry


Customisable procurement software, fully adaptable to your office and vessel workflow

The easy to use web-based software can be tailored to your precise workflow needs, with intuitive data dashboards for comprehensive procurement decision making, ensuring cost-effective inventory control and procurement.

The platform covers the entire procurement process from on-board requisitions through to supplier quote and performance comparisons, approvals, purchase orders, invoicing, and payments.


Experienced outsourcing team ready to take over your procurement admin and support

Our team provides partial and fully outsourced services, taking over the time consuming administrative tasks that support a functioning procurement cycle. Our flexible approach means our outsourcing team work to your precise workflow, giving you the operational support exactly how and where you need it.

Our outsourced procurement support staff work remotely as an extension of your team, providing admin support, inventory and procurement reporting and ensuring compliance with your internal processes, leaving you more time to focus on business critical tasks.

Why choose MarineProcure?

Our team has 10+ years' experience in maritime procurement, our software and services are designed specifically for the maritime industry. We understand the challenges in maritime procurement from both the office and vessel side. Our goal is to help you digitalise your procurement workflow to reduce your operational costs and to provide outsourcing staff to help you where you need the most support.


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